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Whether addressing the media, clients, analysts or board members, customized branded maps with consistent graphic standards are an essential communications tool to ensure appearing credible, professional and authoritative.



GeoBrand is a web-based system that combines geographic information systems (GIS) technology with custom graphics. Log in and use Geobrand to add text, icons, and your branded materials and then create dynamic maps in minutes.



“We found GeoBrand’s innovative branded mapping system to be a powerful asset to our Sales and Marketing managers who needed to quickly create customized client presentations with a competitive edge.”

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Holger Altvater
Global Marketing Specialist

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What is GeoBrand?

  • A proprietary, web-based platform allowing users to easily create custom, branded global maps any time, anywhere and within minutes
  • Creates branded maps utilizing Geographic Information System (GIS) technology
  • Graphically illustrate business assets such as: supply chain operations, service or sales centers, warehouse or inventory locations or other company assets
  • Allows users to output custom maps as dynamic sales and planning tools in email, web, PowerPoint, or print applications

What are the benefits?

Provides a centralized platform to create private-label, branded maps a company can use to:

  • Increase credibility with prospective clients, vendors and media
  • Appear organized, professional and on-brand when conveying complex data
  • Increase sales as a result of a graphic presentation of complex data or knowledge presented in an authoritative, professional manner
  • Develop winning presentation maps featuring logistics systems and global “concept of operations”
  • Maintain corporate graphic standards across satellite offices’ mapping presentations
  • Manages valuable time during a crisis communications situation requiring a branded infographic

How does it work?

  • The system allows users to add text, drop custom graphics onto a map, and then export the branded map in an email, PowerPoint, print or web application
  • Green Street’s team customizes the GeoBrand system to match an organization’s brand standards by incorporating their PMS colors, fonts and styles for use on their maps
  • Existing corporate graphics or icons can be utilized, or new custom graphics or icons can be developed
  • The system resides and is maintained on Green Street’s secure servers.

How easy is it to use?

  • GeoBrand requires no formal design training to create appealing, visually compelling maps
  • Green Street provides new users with 2 hours of training, and there are online help guides and tool tips
  • Any employee with an internet connection can log into the web-based system anytime, anywhere
  • Anyone with authorized access can create a custom branded map thus saving the hours and expense of hiring an outside vendor (aside from the licensing fee)

How long does it take to create a custom branded graphic?

  • Within minutes, anytime, anywhere an employee can log in and create a branded map
  • Time delays and errors are mitigated as there is no need to involve an outside supplier

How does this affect my company website?

  • It doesn’t! The GeoBrand system acts as a stand-alone website company users log into.
  • A link can easily be added to a company website that forwards to an external page hosted by Green Street.
  • The landing page interface will be designed to fit a company’s corporate website.

What markets can utilize GeoBrand?

  • GeoBrand is an ideal communications tool for any organization that desires to illustrate data in a branded, visually compelling map to increase comprehension, appeal and professionalism.
  • Industries include, but are limited to: Commercial Real Estate, Banking, Advertising, Pharmaceutical, Entertainment, Healthcare, Transportation, Supply Chain Management, Defense Industry, Manufacturing, and Emergency Management Agencies among others.

What’s the next step?

To buy GeoBrand or schedule a demonstration, please contact us at


Basic Package Features List

General Features

  • Create an unlimited amount of maps
  • Help Section and user interface integrated hints and tips
  • Feature one or multiple countries
  • Retrieve maps using a powerful search feature
  • Save maps to database
  • Create country maps
  • Create pangea maps
  • Comprehensive list of countries available
  • Adjust map orientation (vertical or horizontal)
  • Adjust zoom level to show a country or a continent
  • Adjust map canvas to your liking
  • Adjust background pangea map opacity
  • Show/hide capitals
  • Show/hide custom (company-specific) locations on map
  • Add custom icons to maps (up to 3 different types of icons)
  • Adjust custom icons (reposition, change size, change orientation, hide/show)
  • Add Lines (straight, curved, lines, arrows)
  • Adjust lines (reposition, change arrow orientation, hide/show)
  • Add custom labels and text
  • Export maps for Desktop applications (72 dpi PowerPoint, Word)
  • Export maps for High Resolution printing (300 dpi)
  • Email maps

Admin Level -Specific Features

  • Delete Maps
  • Adjust color of country maps individually (full color spectrum)
  • Adjust color of country borders individually (full color spectrum)
  • Manage Users (add, delete, change password, etc)
  • User statistics

User Level -Specific Features

  • Adjust color of country maps individually (with your specifically branded palette)
  • Adjust color of country borders individually (with your specifically branded palette)

Buy GeoBrand

To buy GeoBrand or schedule a demonstration, please contact us at